An Uncommon Way

gwcarver_largeHis journey was extraordinary: though born a slave, by the end of his life, presidents and corporate titans valued his friendship. Millions of Americans benefited from his innovations. His scientific genius is legendary, but less known is his remarkable path to greatness, defined by a life-long passion for serving others. George Washington Carver blazed trails in his personal and professional lives.

An invaluable documentary that traces the valiant life of Carver, chronicling his improbable odyssey from slavery to becoming a household name. George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Way is narrated by Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. and includes the perspectives of noted historians Peter Burchard, John Perry, George Grant, and many others.

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Go Nuts for Peanuts

Bad reputations tend to stick around, even when it comes to food. For the past few years, peanuts have gotten a lot of negative press mainly because of peanut allergies. But for those of us without a peanut allergy, peanuts are a great addition to our diets. They are a good source of protein and have been shown to lower your total cholesterol and your “bad” cholesterol. And if that wasn’t enough, recent studies have confirmed that eating peanuts can actually lower your risk for coronary heart disease.

Best of all, peanuts give our bodies these added health benefits without causing weight gain. (When eaten in moderation, of course.) Peanuts are a great snack and a real “stick-to-the-ribs” kind of food that fills you up and keeps you going. Just a small handful of peanuts will give you the late afternoon pick-me-up you need without reaching for an unhealthy candy bar!

We gardeners grow all sorts of things we like to eat – from potatoes to tomatoes to squash and beyond. But have you ever thought about growing your own peanuts? You can! It’s amazingly easy to do…

Peanuts are a great addition to your home garden. They require just a minimal amount of care and reward you with large harvests. If you’re looking to grow something new or different this year, maybe you should consider growing peanuts.

With homegrown peanuts you can:

  • Roast them in their shells for quick & healthy snacks.
  • Grind them into a healthy, homemade peanut butter!
  • Boil them and enjoy a true “Southern” delicacy.
  • Use them as a salad topping…
  • Make candies, desserts, and homemade peanut brittle.
  • Add them to your casseroles and other dishes. (Crushed peanuts make a wonderful breadcrumb substitute)
  • Make a delicious Asian peanut sauce and even peanut soup…

You can even feed peanuts to your birds as a healthy source of homegrown birdseed. Now, that’s a real “peanut gallery” of uses! These are just a few ideas we have for using your homegrown peanuts. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Peanut Growing Tips

Peanuts need approximately 130 frost-free days from the time they are sown until harvest. (That’s a little over 4 months from start to finish.) If your growing season falls short, you can start your peanuts indoors or keep them in a greenhouse until it is possible to plant them outside. Plant your peanuts 1-2 inches deep and around 6 inches apart. After planting, add a thick layer of compost and a layer of mulch. Keep your peanut patch weeded and watered and then just sit back and wait for harvest time!

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If you are limited on gardening space, it’s not a problem. Peanuts can even be grown in containers on your back patio for smaller harvests. Order a half-pound and split the seeds with other gardening friends and enthusiasts!


A Forgotten Hero

Do you remember learning about George Washington Carver at some point in your schooling? Most people remember him for the amazing and extensive list of over 300 different, innovative, and surprising uses for peanuts. That’s where he earned his title in the history books as America’s “Grandfather of Peanuts.” But Carver was so much more than that. He was a true American hero and his legacy continues on today.

George Washington Carver is what some might call an unlikely success story. Carver started life with all the odds stacked against him. He was born a slave during one of the most tumultuous times during the 19th century. He never knew his father, and his mother disappeared when he was just an infant, leaving Carver to be raised by the family that held her as a slave. He had every right to be bitter and angry, but none of those circumstances stopped him. In fact, his circumstances inspired him. He had God by his side and that was enough for him.

George Washington Carver was also a famous scientist, educator, artist, botanist, inventor and a man of deep faith. His love for God inspired his fascination with plants and the natural world around him. He had a knack with plants – a true gift – when he was but a small child, local farmers would bring him their sickly plants for Carver to nurse back to health, earning him another title – “The Plant Doctor.”

When Carver was just thirteen years old, he walked away from the only life he knew to pursue an education for himself. He worked hard, but often schools turned him away simply because of the color of his skin. But that didn’t stop him either. He finally entered college and studied art and later botany. He went on to become the first black student and first black faculty member at Iowa State Agricultural College.

Carver was a faithful man of God who lived a great life. He should be regarded as one of America’s finest heroes. Perhaps if America had the same work ethic, resourcefulness, and dedication to improving our world that Carver did, we just might be able to rebuild our country from the ground up. Share Carver’s story with everyone you know…and who knows what might happen!

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