7 Must-Have Herb Plants to Give You a Bug-Free Backyard

After a long spring, there’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors.  We can’t wait to get outside to do yard work, ride bikes, garden, grill out or to enjoy Smores around a campfire.  However, it’s not long before the pesky bugs arrive to drive us all crazy! How often have you and your family wanted […]

Tomato-Growing Mistakes Every Gardener Makes

Tomatoes are the second most-consumed vegetable in the United States today, but just 200 years ago, people throughout the U.S. had not even heard of them. Many gardeners even thought they were poisonous. So, how did the tomato transition from obscure to popular? In his radio interview, we’re discussing everything you didn’t know about tomatoes, including […]

Grandma’s Zucchini Bread Recipe

I love using our abundance of zucchini to make mini loaves of zucchini bread to give away to family and friends.  It tastes great and who doesn’t love a small snack of Grandma’s zucchini bread? If you would like to try Grandma’s recipe, here you go! 3 cups flour 1 tsp salt 1 tsp baking […]

Home Grown Potatoes

Potatoes can make an excellent addition to your home garden. They have been a staple of many people’s diets for thousands of years. They are fairly easy to grow, although they do have certain pests and diseases to contend with. There are plenty of varieties that can give you a harvest that lasts from early […]

Radishes: The Underrated Indoor Vegetable You Can Grow In 1 Month

Image source: Pixabay.com Radishes are highly underrated vegetables. Occasionally, they might make an appearance on someone’s veggie platter, or be sliced into a salad, but they don’t seem to get the kind of heavy rotation in kitchens as carrots and broccoli do. That’s too bad, because those peppery and crunchy globes are packed with healthy […]

Growing Salad Year-Round: The Right Way To Do It

Written by: Kristen Duever Survival Gardening 0  Print This Article Spring and summer bring a bounty of wonderful fresh vegetables to enjoy and for many, salad greens become a staple. But in the fall and winter, you might feel like you’re missing out if you can no longer enjoy fresh greens from your garden. For […]

How To Grow Peppers Indoors All Winter Long

Written by: Kristen Duever Survival Gardening 1 Comment  Print This Article There are few things that you can grow in your garden that are as versatile as the pepper. Hot, sweet, red or green – even yellows, oranges and purples can add a touch of the exotic to your next dish. For most gardeners it […]

Squash 101: Tricks To Keep Your Harvest Stored For MONTHS

Written by: Mary Dyer Survival Gardening   Squash is easy to grow, and the rambunctious vines, huge leaves and colorful blooms add beauty to the late summer garden. However, there’s a distinct difference between summer and winter squash. Unlike zucchini and other types of summer squash that are harvested in summer when the fruit is […]

How To Grow (And Harvest) Ginger Indoors … Without Killing It

Written by: Kristen Duever Survival Gardening Ginger is one of those ingredients that warms you from the inside out. It is especially great to have during winter as part of soups, teas, juices, Asian dishes and herbal remedies. And if you like to grow your own food, you’ll be happy to know that ginger is […]

How To Grow Tomatoes, Outdoors, During Winter

Written by: Off The Grid Radio Radio 0  Print This Article Winter weather is here, which means it’s time to put away your garden tools and daydream about spring and warmer weather … right? Well, not really. Winter is a great time to continue gardening, as you can grow and harvest dozens of types of […]

Composting 101: Essential Fall Chores Every Homesteader Should Do

Written by: Jessica W Survival Gardening An invaluable resource on the homestead, compost is easy to create and maintain in a relatively small area on your existing acreage. It revitalizes nutrient-stripped soil and helps to maintain a balanced pH level throughout it, in addition to encouraging the growth of beneficial microbes. Much has been said […]

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