German Extra Hardy

A very sturdy plant with an extremely strong root system. German Extra Hardy, known for its vigor, has a white outer parchment and reddish-tinged cloves. And while it loves northern winters, it grows well in Zones 3 – 9. It also stores well. Each one-pound package of German Extra Hardy comes with 6 – 8 […]


This classic herb has thousands of uses in the kitchen. The aroma and flavor of cilantro is truly one-of-a-kind. And it’s so simple to grow! Cilantro is a cool weather herb. No herb garden should be without it in the spring and fall. Use the plant foliage as well as the seed (this part is […]

Dragon Carrot

This vibrant purple heirloom carrot is a favorite at farmers markets everywhere … The Dragon carrot is a true beauty to behold. Purple skinned, with bright orange flesh and a yellow core, this colorful veggie is packed with antioxidants and boasts a unique spicy-sweet taste. The lycopene content in the Dragon carrot is equal to […]


Boneset is a great addition to your medicinal herb garden. It is often used for treating the symptoms of influenza, reducing fever, and is helpful for all sorts of aches and pains. Also called Indian Sage, boneset is native to eastern and central North America. This herb is actually a perennial daisy that grows 2 […]

Early White Vienna Kohlrabi

A lesser-known member of the brassica family, kohlrabi is an under-appreciated, yet a remarkably delicious vegetable you should try growing at home. It’s a cool weather crop that is perfect for spring and fall gardens. The truth is, many people avoid growing kohlrabi because they’re not exactly sure what it even is. So, let’s set […]

Seashell Cosmos

An exotic and striking choice for even the choosiest flower gardeners… Seashell cosmos produce beautiful, bushy plants with a classic feathery foliage. Each plant provides large amounts of unique flowers with a tubular shape. Seashell cosmos flowers come in a range of pink and white shades. Plant them together in large quantities and they’ll shine […]

Arikara Bean

Grow a piece of American history with the Arikara Bean … This bush bean has been a part of American food culture since the days of Lewis and Clark. Also grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson, this creamy yellow dry bean originated from the Arikara nation of the Dakotas. These beans were one of the […]

New Zealand Spinach

Love spinach? Grow the flavor all summer long with New Zealand Spinach… While not the same species as true common spinach, this variety is a delicious substitute that will produce all summer long in the heat! Plant in full sun and keep well hydrated. It’s tasty and will not bolt or turn bitter. New Zealand […]

Henderson Lima

An American Favorite… The Henderson Lima is one of the most famous heirloom varieties of the lima bean and is widely popular with home gardeners. In fact, Mr. Henderson himself claimed in 1888 it was a “vegetable wonder” that “should be grown in every garden.” The Henderson Lima is a bush variety with a dwarf […]

Ojo de Cabra Bean

Also known as the “Eye of the Goat” bean, this high-yield pole bean is a gourmet favorite! The Ojo de Cabra heirloom bean is one of the more unusual looking beans available. And the name is no joke – the bean greatly resembles the unique look of a goat’s eye with it’s hallmark brown stripe […]

Taiyo Sunflower

Love sunflowers? If so, you’ll adore this handsome Japanese heirloom. This plant produces single headed and sturdy 5-6 feet tall plants. (Can be a little taller under optimal growing conditions.) Flowers are 8-10 inches wide with golden petals and smooth, velvety chocolate-colored centers. Great for making cut-flower arrangements and for use in home decorating, or […]

Blue Lake Pole Bean

The Blue Lake Pole Bean is a “summer standard” in our garden. It’s a great heirloom bean with dependable and prolific yields that canning enthusiasts love. In fact, the Blue Lake might just be the #1 canning green bean of all time. Also a favorite for cooking and eating fresh off the vine! Blue Lake […]

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